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What’s the Most Expensive Gift Card In Nigeria

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What’s the Most Expensive Gift Card In Nigeria

Gift cards varieties around the world, each with different rates. Getting a gift card is easy, but are you getting the most value out of your cards? In other words, if you get a better understanding of those different gift cards, you can resale them for considerable profits.

So today, this article will show you the most expensive and valued gift cards in Nigeria. 

Footlocker Gift Card

Any purchase you make with Footlocker Gift Card can be applied to any Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, or Lady Foot Locker store in the United States, or on,, or Lady Foot Locker. Based on the market fluctuation, because there is a great demand of this gift card. it’s the most expensive gift card currently. Check the price on obay below:

                             --Footlocker Gift Card Rate(USD)--

                                 $ 10=7.8 points=4370 NGN

                                $ 25=19.7 points=10,919 NGN

                                $ 50=39.4 points=21,839 NGN

                                $ 100=78.8 points=43,678 NGN

                                $ 250=197 points=109,171 NGN


iTunes Gift Card

Everybody must be heard of iTunes gift card. This is an apple gift card that can be used to purchase apps, music, games, and more on apple devices.. $100 iTunes gift card is currently worth over 30,000 Nigerian Naira.

                                     --iTunes Gift Card Rate(USD)--

                             $20=10 points≈5,900 NGN

                              $50=33points≈18,536 NGN


                             $200=134 points≈74,700NGN


Google Play Store Gift Card

Google Play Store gift cards can be used to buy applications, games, music and all sorts, except in this case, you are buying from the Google play store. This gift card is very popular not only in Nigeria, but also worldwide.  

 -                        -Google Play Gift Card Rate(USD)--

         $15=10 points≈5,543 NGN

         $25=17 points≈9,238 NGN

                              $50=34.5points≈18,476 NGN

                              $100=69points≈36,953 NGN

                              $200=138points≈74,000 NGN 


Amex Gift Card

This is American Express Gift card. It can be used in any online webshop in the U.S. Currently, check the price below:

                           --AMEx Gift Card Rate(USD)--

                              $25=20 points≈11,380 NGN

                              $50=41 points≈22,760 NGN

                              $100=82.7 points≈45,521 NGN

                              $200=165 points≈91,042 NGN


Just as we said, Footlocker Gift Card has become the TOP 1 valued gift card in Nigeria. If you have this card, you can resell it for cash, click for registration now.







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