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How to Find Chinese Gift Card Buyers with Good Rate?

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How to Find Chinese Gift Card Buyers with Good Rate?

Many regular gift card sellers who want sell their gift cards for cash in their US, UK, Dubai, Ghana, India, Nigeria and other countries’ banks know that Chinese gift card buyers always have the best gift card exchange rate due to the fact that more positive consumer sentiment in China compared with any other countries and the demand for large numbers of gift cards drive the growth of the gift card exchange rate.


Even though it is a consensus that Chinese gift card rate outperformed global peers, there is still the same problem is that there may be big possibility for sellers being cheated by untrustworthy buyers. So here are 3 ways to find legit China gift card vendors.


Look for a professional gift card trading platform managed by Chinese people

As a result of the benefit and also the great demand for selling unwanted gift cards in numerous countries, many websites have ventured into gift card exchange marketplace, such as,,,,, etc. At the same time, it also makes it harder for gift card sellers to figure out which one has introduced Chinese gift card buyers into or operated by Chinese businessmen. As for my long-term insight in this marketplace, Paxful is run by a US company, but various countries’ gift card vendors have loaded in this site, including Chinese people; A Chinese company and Singapore company respectively take charge of Coincola site and, but they both have Chinese gift card buyers on them; But Cardtonic and igctrader are a Nigerian website located in Lagos.


Chinese e-commerce platforms for online shopping are recommended as follows

You are allowed to sign up in taobao even with a non-Chinese phone number, a China most popular and biggest online shopping website and then you just search the Steam, Google or other gift card names. You will find numerous buyers on it and you can send private messages to him. This similar site includes jingdong and Tianmao.


Look for Chinese gift card vendors WhatsApp number via this forums and social media

Even though baiduttieba is the most favoured and efficient place to find the gift card traders, you have to register this forum with a Chinese phone number, which can be purchased from your trustworthy Chinese friends. So I would rather introduce some international social medias, where people in any regions can register an account, like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Tiktok. Then you can search the keywords like “gift card”, “Steam gift card”, “Google Play gift card”, “Chinese gift card vendor”etc to find a related company pages or groups, where you can see some China buyers leaving their phone number with the 2 starting number of +86, which may be also their WhatsApp numbers in comments. And here is the way to show you how to save China phone number in WhatsApp?

1. You should start by entering a plus sign + when you want to add an international number;

2. You should always add country code 86 for the second steps;

3. Then you can type the Chinese phone number. (Some people will just leave a direct phone number with missing the “+” and “86” in the front.)


If you are looking for iTunes gift card buyers in China, and other gift card buyers, or want to sell gift cards to Chinese. From all the sites above, you will find the best rated Chinese gift card buyers.







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